CytoData 2020 Code of Conduct
As the sponsor of CytoData 2020, Recursion is committed to providing an environment that is harassment-free, safe, inclusive and welcoming for all conference participants. This Code of Conduct applies to all interactions at the event (including at virtual sessions, slack, Gather.Town, or other forms of messaging used at the event) as well as interactions between presenters, attendees, and the conference planning committees before and after the event that directly relate to the event. As a participant in the event, it is expected that you will follow this Code of Conduct during your participation in the event. In particular, CytoData 2020 asks that you frame discussions to be as open and inclusive as possible, and will not tolerate discriminatory conduct or harassment in any form.

Harassment is defined here as including any verbal or non-verbal behavior that threatens or demeans a person or a group of people and that is related to race, age, religion, political beliefs, body size, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance.  Harassment also includes stalking, insistent and unwanted communication, or sustained disruption of the events.
If you experience harassment or otherwise unacceptable behavior or hear of any incidents of harassment or unacceptable behavior, CytoData 2020 asks that you either make an anonymous report or a personal report as follows:

How to report an incident
You can make an anonymous report on this form, or you can make a personal report by contacting Heather Kirkby, Chief People Officer of Recursion. In each instance, we will fully investigate the report and will take whatever action is necessary to address the concerns and, where necessary, to prevent a similar occurrence from happening again. If your report is anonymous, we will not be able to respond directly to you. Include in your report as much of the following information as you are comfortable sharing:

- Your name (if your report is not anonymous)
- The name of the person/people you are reporting
- Details of the incident (when and where did it take place? what happened?)
- Any other information we need to know in order to take necessary action
- Is there something you would like us to do in order to protect your mental health and/or physical safety?

If this Code of Conduct is violated or in the case of other unacceptable behavior, CytoData 2020 reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary and appropriate to address the situation, including immediately removing the offending participant from the meeting (with or without warning).  CytoData 2020 also reserves the right to prohibit attendance at any future meeting, virtually or in person.
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